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Siyapatha Finance – Bringing Dreams to Life with Micro Leasing

Siyapatha Finance – Bringing Dreams to Life with Micro Leasing

For budding entrepreneurs and developing businesses that find themselves ineligible to receive access to conventional banking and related services, Siyapatha Finance PLC offers Micro Leasing, in order to help individuals and enterprises achieve their dreams of success and entrepreneurial visions.

As the number of entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs increases, the call for more convenient, flexible and legal Leasing options rises as well. In such cases Micro Leasing is the ideal means by which budding entrepreneurs, potential start-ups and SMEs can see their visions become reality. The growing rate of start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs plays a significant role in the development of the nation’s economy. Having identified this demand, Siyapatha Finance aims to better the status of the country by ensuring the rising success of individuals, businesses and other enterprises via Micro Leasing. Under Siyapatha Micro Leasing, Siyapatha Finance offers Leasing solutions for registered and unregistered Three-wheelers, Motorbikes, and Light Trucks for those searching for a means to join a transport or delivery service, or simply looking to purchase a vehicle for a personal business or family use.

As the country’s leading financial organization, Siyapatha Finance PLC centers all its operations around the needs and wants of its current and future customers. With Micro Leasing in its range of products, the organization also hopes to aid those marginalized overcome their struggles, and develop themselves and their businesses into promising enterprises that will help them lead better lives and become assets to the local community.

The Micro Leasing products of Siyapatha Finance are guided by Mr. Ananda Seneviratne, the Managing Director of Siyapatha Finance PLC, who has years of experience in the industry. “Micro Leasing is one of the main products in our Leasing portfolio, under this category we provide Leasing for three wheelers, motorbikes and light trucks. All these vehicles predominantly provide livelihood for many Sri Lankans and set them on the road to achieve their dreams. As a responsible finance company our efforts are to drive Leasing towards those who are in real need. It is our hope that these efforts will be reflected in the economic growth of the country in the future”, stated Mr. Seneviratne.

Siyapatha Finance has deployed an energetic team to provide Micro Leasing services across the country. The team is led by Mr. Ajantha Kumara, the Head of Gold Financing and Micro Leasing. “Our Micro Leasing package is unique. Each product category is coupled with on the spot gifts and every customer will receive common advantages as well. Every customer will be offered convenient payment schemes, minimum documentation and a quick credit turnaround time. Customers can make leasing installments through the Sampath bank network, which is an added convenience. Furthermore, Siyapatha Finance offers doorstep service via our dynamic sales force in any part of the island”, stated Mr. Ajantha Kumara.

Being the largest subsidiary of the Sampath Bank Group, Siyapatha Finance has served many Sri Lankans in their entrepreneurial efforts for the past 14 years. Currently, Siyapatha Finance operates via 32 branches island wide. Further information on Micro Leasing can be obtained at or by contacting 077 3 605 605.

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