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Siyapatha Finance introduces “Siyapathen Mihikathata” a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative that centers’ around Sustainable Financing

Siyapatha Finance introduces “Siyapathen Mihikathata” a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative that centers’ around Sustainable Financing

Siyapatha Finance PLC, a fully-owned subsidiary of Sampath Bank PLC, takes pride in announcing the commencement of a nationwide tree planting project as a key component of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy.

This significant endeavor is being carried out in collaboration with the Finance Houses Association of Sri Lanka’s (FHA) “500,000 Tree Planting Project”. The primary ceremony organized by FHA Sir Lanka, held at Independence Square, Colombo 07, was honored by the presence of Mr. Nandalal Weerasinghe, the Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, along with Mr. Ananda Seneviratne, the Chairman of the Finance Houses Association of Sri Lanka and Mr. Romani De Silva, Chairman of the FHA Sustainability Sub Committee, including other esteemed individuals. This event coincides with the World Environmental day symbolizing the immense importance of the tree planting project, emphasizing the shared dedication towards sustainable development. The ceremony was successful with the planting of over 261,000 trees, recording the highest number of trees planted in a single day across Sri Lanka.

In line with the above, Siyapatha Finance PLC contributed its initiative named ‘Siyapathen Mihikathata’ which was simultaneously launched on June 5th, 2023, coinciding with Siyapatha Finance’s 18th anniversary. Demonstrating its unwavering dedication, Siyapatha actively engaged in this endeavor by planting more than 10,000 trees across various locations in Sri Lanka through the collective effort of the Company and the invaluable support of various stakeholders, such as universities, schools, highways, road networks, and places of worship, leveraging the extensive branch network spanning the island.

“Siyapathen Mihikathata” underscores the steadfast commitment to environmental conservation and the organization’s dedication to fostering a greener future. The Managing Director of Siyapatha Finance PLC, Mr. Ananda Seneviratne, promoted this initiative from its inception, encouraging the act of planting trees as it not only contributes to purifying the air we breathe but also plays a crucial role in the overall well-being of our planet. By absorbing carbon dioxide, trees serve as a vital agent in mitigating climate change, maintaining ecological balance, and safeguarding biodiversity. Through this initiative, Siyapatha Finance aims to address the urgent need of reducing the carbon footprint while promoting sustainable financing practices in Sri Lanka.

Siyapatha Finance PLC extends an invitation to all concerned citizens, environmental enthusiasts, and organizations to unite in this endeavor. By actively participating in tree planting activities, together we can effect tangible change and contribute to a greener and more sustainable Sri Lanka.