From personal loans, auto loans, educational loans to business loans, we provide you with the funds you need via our customer-friendly loan schemes. We ensure that you receive the best rate by evaluating the profile and the creditworthiness. We offer you the financial freedom you want with low-interest flexible payment plans.

- Personal Loan -

Personal Loan
Personal Loan

For the achievement of your financial dreams, Siyapatha Finance offers a unique personal loan facility. Based on your requirement, loan amount and repayment period can be negotiated. Loan facility will be given for the following purposes:

Key features
  • To purchase assets
  • To facilitate domestic & foreign education
  • For traveling & leisure purposes
  • For weddings / life events
  • For financial management / formal debt settlement
  • Any other agreed personal requirement acceptable to the company
For further details, contact us on 0117 605 605

- Business Loan -

Business Loan
Business Loan

A finance facility will be granted to the customer / business entity either on security or without security basis by evaluating the profile and the creditworthiness of the customer for following business purposes.

Key features
  • Short Term Business Cash flow / working capital need
  • Enhancement / Addition of fixed assets
  • Upgrading / Improving business premises
  • Purchase of property / Assets
  • Any other business requirement
For further details, contact us on 0777 605 605