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Factoring is a working capital solution designed especially for the organizations that do business on credit terms. Factoring will make funds available, even when banks would not do so. This is the fastest way to collect money on invoices generated for products delivered or services rendered. Factoring enables you to increase and maintain a positive cash flow within your business.

In Factoring we purchase your account receivable (credit sales) at a discount and advance you upfront 70% -80%. You would not have funds tide up until the debtors make the payments. We pay you on behalf of your debtors. Factoring will help you to expedite the progress of your business while transferring the hassle of debt management to the factor.

Factoring is for

  • Businesses which are growth oriented.
  • Businesses having a large portfolio of debtors/ post dated cheques.
  • Businesses selling fast moving products (Not on a sale or return basis / consignment basis).
  • Businesses selling non perishable products.
  • Businesses having no post invoice contractual obligations/ installation service obligations where an amount of the invoices is retained.

Features available with us;

  • Recourse Factoring (Advances against the credit invoices)
  • Businesses having a large portfolio of debtors/ post dated cheques.
  • Post Dated Cheque discounting (Advances against the post dated cheques in hand)
  • Confidential invoice factoring designed for corporate clients.
  • Invoice discounting

Benefits of Factoring with us;

  • Upfront cash on your invoices.
  • Debtor credit investigation and supervision of overdue sales ledger through a formalized collection arrangement.
  • Financial solutions to your cash flow needs.
  • Unmatched customer service provide by skilled and experienced staff.

Come and enjoy a hassle free service from our expert team of factoring professionals.

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