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Siyapatha Finance empowers Agriculture sector with “Agri Lease”

Siyapatha Finance empowers Agriculture sector with “Agri Lease”

Siyapatha Finance PLC, a fully owned subsidiary of Sampath Bank PLC has introduced a special leasing package for small, medium & large scale farmers and entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. The primary objective of this leasing offer is to enable members of the agricultural industry to purchase new equipment or upgrade existing machinery.

Having recognized the importance of the agricultural sector to the Sri Lankan economy, Siyapatha Finance has taken steps towards facilitating a hassle-free approach for farmers and entrepreneurs in the agricultural industry. The special leasing package offers lower installment payments, flexible repayment facilities on a monthly or seasonal basis, and hassle-free quick approvals with minimal documents. These low instalment payments and flexible repayment facilities have been implemented to ease the financial burdens on farmers. By not enforcing stringent repayment conditions, it encourages farmers to make the investment with flexible payment terms. With the added rapidity in issuing approvals, less time is consumed and overall efficiency of the process and convenience to farmers increases.

Mr. Ananda Seneviratne, Managing Director at Siyapatha Finance commented, “Our country relies heavily on the agricultural sector and many farmers find it difficult to upgrade their machinery or invest in new machinery owing to financial hurdles. We recognized this issue and took steps to enable an easy way for them to proceed with their operations through our special Agri Lease package. At the end of the day, we put the best interests of the Sri Lankan people at the forefront of our minds and in doing so aim to facilitate continuous development and progress.”

The multiple benefits of this scheme provides an overall easy and convenient application process which makes this leasing scheme, offered by Siyapatha Finance PLC, one of the most promising schemes for those who are in the agricultural sector.

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