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Siyapatha Finance PLC donate IT equipment to the Newbridge Boys’ Home

Siyapatha Finance PLC donate IT equipment to the Newbridge Boys’ Home

Siyapatha Finance PLC has taken the initiative to donate a stock of computers and other IT equipment to the Newbridge Boys’ Home in Wevaldeniya. This was initiated as part of the organization’s efforts to facilitate the well being and educational progress of the youth of Sri Lanka, through a CSR initiative.

The Newbridge Boys’ Home in Wevaldeniya currently provides shelter to 21 children between the ages of 6-18. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic saw the shift of education to virtual platforms making it difficult for these children to continue their studies. While many children struggle to continue with their studies remotely, the need for electronic devices and connectivity that facilitates this has become a nation wide issue.

By providing the boys at Newbridge Boys’ Home with the necessary computers and IT equipment to facilitate their learning online, Siyapatha Finance is prioritizing education and the futures of the children. As a responsible organization the company is setting an example for initiatives that can fill the need gap in the larger society.

Expressing his views on this community service oriented gesture Managing Director Mr. Ananda Seneviratne said, “The pandemic has severely impacted the children of our country. They are not used to having to learn without their peers. In addition, the sudden shift to online work has left them unequipped for online learning. In order to ensure that these children are afforded a similar opportunity to excel, we decided to invest in their futures. They are, after all, the future of our country.”

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