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Siyapatha Finance integrates sustainability in the business operation by adopting the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) framework to evaluate their performance in a broader perspective to create greater business value. It is an enabler for the company to accomplish its strategic goals while elevating living standards of Sri Lankans & protecting the environment as a responsible corporate entity.

Understanding Our Context

Globalization has caused many economic, social and environmental challenges especially to developing nations such as Sri Lanka. While it has tremendous opportunity for economic growth to improve quality of life, the developing countries are compelled to facing many hurdles in these areas. As a responsible corporate entity, Siyapatha Finance has been strategically face these challenges by fully committing to playing its role in the countries development through the promotion of entrepreneurial and financial inclusivity for the unserved segments of the country.

Ethical Conduct, Good Governance & Compliance

Siyapatha Finance operates in Risk and Compliance functions as separate divisions within the company and has adhered to Corporate Governance Directions issued by the authorities while being committed to adopt the best practices in the industry. Siyapatha is continuously engaged in ethical practices in order to maintain long term sustainability in the business thus exhibiting one of its defining characteristics.

Financial Inclusivity

As its vision, Siyapatha Finance serves the targeted segments by offering the most flexible and creative financial solutions thereby ensuring sustainability and value to customers. Siyapatha draws its core strength by focusing on serving the targeted segments and supporting them towards better livelihood. This has enabled the company to continuously maintain the value of its services within the business market.

Stakeholder Engagement

Being the economic enabler, we always work together with our key stakeholders committed to resolve their concerns and offering them the best financial solutions to meet their specific requirement. We believe in continuous dialog with key stakeholders including our staff, customers, shareholders, regulators, business partners and local community to create value among them and their livelihood.